The CodeLagos Hackathon is a programming competition design to encourage Lagosian to solve everyday problems encountered in the metropolis using technology.

The Hackathon is a month long event that will allow pre-qualified contestants to design a complete solution from concept to code execution and business plan culminating in a Demo Day on the 1st of November where contestants will showcase their solutions to a panel of judges, investors and stakeholders in the Lagos tech ecosystem.

The contestants must comprise of teams with a minimum of two members and teams must demonstrate their programming skills, problem solving abilities and business acumen by attempting providing solutions to solve problems in Lagos.

Lagos contributes 25% to the national GDP while being the smallest of the 36 states, the State also contributes 65% to the country’s tourism and 50% to the national port revenue. In addition;

  • Lagos is responsible for over 70% of international air traffic and 50% of national energy consumption.
  • The State economy has been estimated to grow annually at a rate of 7% over the last three years.
  • Lagos adds 600,000 new inhabitants every year, growing at a rate of 6-8% a year and uses up 40% of Nigerian fuel supply is used up in Lagos.
  • The State has one of the busiest ports in Africa and it is an important centre of international trade.

Despite these interesting facts, the state is currently plagued with many challenges as is currently transforms to a smart city. Contestants are expected to provide solutions to the problems in Lagos state using the following key areas of focus:

  1. Health
  2. Transport
  3. Environment
  4. Energy
  5. Education
  6. Fintech/Finance
  7. Environment/Waste Management

Objectives of Computer Programming Competition

  • To foster a rapid growth and development in coding and programming skills and enhance the transition of Lagos to a smart city
  • To provide a platform for Code Lagos past and current student to showcase their knowledge and applying their problem solving skills for the benefit of Lagos State.
  • To nurture young Lagosians interest in leveraging technology for problem solving and creating business opportunities .
  • To reinforce real-case problem solving skills and teamwork spirit by providing hands-on experience and an idea-sharing community.
  • To identify gifted and talented young programmers and help nurture their skills and expertise.
  • Provide visibility and access to investors for viable and market ready solutions.
  • Support the states transition to a smart city and help develop the Lagos Tech Ecosystem.