CodeLagos Women in Tech Masterclass by WTEC

Women! Stay Secure. Stay Safe.

In the 21st century, your information is more valuable than gold. Don’t believe us? Then ask the thousands of people who have had their identities stolen on a daily basis. Ask the thousands who have lost money to scammers. Ask the thousands who have had their reputation irredeemably tainted.

In this exciting session, learn how to protect yourself, your family and devices with practical tips and resources. This session will cover:

  • Online Safety Basics
  • Responding to Identity Theft, Fraud and Cybercrime
  • Securing Key Accounts and Devices
  • Managing Your Privacy
  • Best Practices for Online Shopping
  • Protecting against Data Loss

Come with your laptops and your questions.


CodeLagos Hackathon Web Design Masterclass

Coding for Beginners: HTML and CSS

About This Workshop

HTML and CSS are the fundamental building blocks of the web. Whether you're a beginner who wants to get started in web development, a designer looking to hand-code their concepts, or a marketer who wants a little more control over their CMS, you'll need to know HTML and CSS to get the job done.

This workshop, designed for the beginner programmer, will assume no previous coding knowledge. We'll go over key coding terminology and principles, introduce languages like HTML and CSS—what their functions are, how they work together—and use that new knowledge to write our own code and develop our own simple site.


  • Basics of the internet and how web pages work
  • Syntax of HTML and CSS
  • How to modify the code of existing websites
  • Techniques to use at-home when stuck on code
  • Greater preparedness for the Code Lagos Web Design course

Please bring a laptop


CodeLagos Blockchain Masterclass by Seso Global

Do you want to know what Blockchain technology is and how it works in the real world? Do you have an interest in cryptocurrencies but have no idea what they are? Then this Masterclass is for you!

Blockchain is an innovative new technology that is being piloted by Governments and corporations across the world. It is a databasing software that improves transparency, security, and efficiency with applications across sectors including healthcare, Government, agriculture, foreign aid, remittances, identity and beyond

About This Workshop:

This class is designed for learners wishing to gain an understanding of Blockchain core concepts, and tools that are needed in creating tokens, coins and block chain-based software solutions

By the end of the session you will have a better understanding of what Blockchain Technology is, and what cryptocurrencies are and how they work in the real world.